Sunday, March 7, 2010

What are the acts of peace and kindness that you could do as a gift?

  Actually I'm not a kind and a good type of person because I know in myself that I am a hard-headed, lazy, low-temper, and a boastful person but even of my bad attitudes I always keep my eyes open to see the world of reality and willing to change myself for the sake of others. It is no obvious that our world is today are full of difficulties and challenges and sometimes it pulls us down that we could not take the challenge anymore but after of all these challenges, I am here to prove that there's always a light even our eyes are filled with darkness. Even I'm not a good person I will help those people who needs my help and base also in my abilities and limitations. I will accept the differences of others by respecting their beliefs and traditions in this own little way I could say that it is my gift in order to maintain the peace not a kindness but only a peace....just kidding

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