Sunday, March 7, 2010

What are the acts of peace and kindness that you could do as a gift?

  Actually I'm not a kind and a good type of person because I know in myself that I am a hard-headed, lazy, low-temper, and a boastful person but even of my bad attitudes I always keep my eyes open to see the world of reality and willing to change myself for the sake of others. It is no obvious that our world is today are full of difficulties and challenges and sometimes it pulls us down that we could not take the challenge anymore but after of all these challenges, I am here to prove that there's always a light even our eyes are filled with darkness. Even I'm not a good person I will help those people who needs my help and base also in my abilities and limitations. I will accept the differences of others by respecting their beliefs and traditions in this own little way I could say that it is my gift in order to maintain the peace not a kindness but only a peace....just kidding

What are the things you do at home or school to trash waste?

  The usually things that I've been doing to trash my waste while I'm at home are also like to school like separating the garbage or wastes according to their kinds, while some of the garbage which can be recycled will be reuse and remodeled in order to use them again. I will also throw my garbage in their proper place even I'm not at home and at school. And I will also dump the biodegradable in an open compose pit so that they will become fertilizers which can use in planting vegetables, fruits, and others which use fertilizers in order to become them more healthy.

What ar the things you do to keep yourself, others or our planet healthy?

The things that I would like to do to keep myself, others or our planet healthy by being more responsible and being an example to others like except of burning plastics and cellophane I will recycle it by making a new things from it like making a flower pot from a plastic can. As of now I began already planting my own vegetables in my own garden because I want to feel that I have something to help to our world in my own little simple ways in order to save our world which is now changing due to our recklessness doings.  

What are the goals or accomplishments you would like to attain this year?

The goals or accomplishments that I would like to attain or reach this year is first to finish my high school studies so that I can have my diploma as a graduate student. And if I successfully finished my secondary education I would like to try to become an independent person so that I can feel that I am no longer a child anymore and also to prove to my parents that they can be proud of me. I would like also to take a course that will challenge me and can make me serious in studying which I don't really feel in secondary level and I really want also to change my self to become a more responsible person in doing things, tasks and obligations. 

Who are the people or events that influenced me most throughout my life?

I always wonder and asking my self that who are the people and events which is really influenced me most throughout my life. While I'm thinking and wondering on what are the answers to this questions I recall all the things that happened to my life and I found out that there are so many things who help me to become me as of now. But among those people who inspired me most is my father, he opened my eyes in the real world, he inspired me from the things that he had been doing before specially his mistakes in life which he don't want me to experience like wasting the times that he should spend it in studying, he also give strength to face my own problems.

Just post anything here my beloved guests, Thaks ^_____^

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